Name: Raúl Monforte Sopena
Date of birth: 22/01/1997
Place of birth: Zaragoza
Country: Spain
Height: 1,91 m.
Weight: 79 kg.

Position: Goalkeeper
Team: SD Tarazona

Raúl is a very tall Goalkeeper, 1,91 m. and has a big wingspan.
A very safe goalkeeper, with a high percentaje of saves. He is very fast and has great reflexes.
Very confidence with his feet, acostumed to play in team which combine and start playmaking from the bottom, playing a lot with the goalkeeper.

Formed at Stadium Casablanca, one of the most important academies in Zaragoza. In his second U19 year was loaned to Lorqui playing at División de Honor (top tier).

Rául debuted this season 2017/2018 in a Cup game in a difficult stadium like Formentera´s, making a good performance, draqing 1-1 and losing in the penaltyshootout.
His debut in a league match was away in a derby against SD Borja, very difficult rival. Raúl made a great performance, very safe, making great save sand winning 0-2.
In his first season senior Raúl played a run-up playoff.

Raúl is very professional, trains always hard during all the year. Has a very strong mentality. Takes caer of him out of the field in his personal life.
He is a hard worker, has a lot confidence in himself, shows a lot of security to his team mates.



Updated stats at 11/02/2018

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Highlights Raúl Monforte

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