We are proud to officialy announce the exclusive collaboration agreement between The WINNER TEAM INTERNATIONAL and Josef Kovac, slovakian agent with office based in Dublin, Ireland.

A marvelloues person, born 38 years ago in Presov, Slovakia, Josef is an agent with a long history and experience. A passionate and tireless hardworker, with relationship in lot of countries among central and east Europe.

We are sure that because of this cooperation, a lot of doors will be opened for our players out of Spain, helping them to achieve their dreams, giving them a successful career.

Josef and Chemi, CEO at The WINNER TEAM, had collaborated before and made transfers together, like bringing Óscar del Amo, a 20 years old right back who played for 10 years at Atlético de Madrid and now at Leganés to slovakian Tratan Presov, or bringing Mario Strachan, 17 years old player at Slovakia National team to Toledo U19.

Now they officialy join their forces together and Josef joins the project of The WINNER TEAM INTERNACIONAL.

Thanks for trusting us, dear friend.

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