Ammar Mando mediocentro del Roda y Villarreal

Name: Ammar Mando Al Tarayah
Date of birth: 27/04/1999
Place of birth: Castellón de la Plana (Spain)
Nationality: Spain, Siria
Height: 1,81 m.
Weight: 79 kg.

Main Position: Defensive Midfielder
Team: CD Roda

Ammar’s playing skills

Ammar is a very hard defensive midfielder. He fights for all the balls and is aggresive marking. He likes play hard and fight for all the challenges.

Despite of beeing a defensive player, Ammar likes to keep the ball and be a playmaker. He likes to make the first pass, combine, move the ball from one wing to the other size. He is safe passing, doesn´t use to lose balls.

Ammar is good fighter in air game and tackling, and on switchings and swaps.

In 2004 he joined Villarreal where he played for seven years. In 2011 he joined CD Roda, a former club of Villarreal.

He uses to score 10 goals per season and gives several assists.

Last 4 years Ammar was the captain of the club.

Skilled too in free kicks and corners.

Ammar’s stats

Ammar’s video highlights

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